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Meet Anashay

That's the Power of Disruptive Love.

Anashay Wright

Strategist, Speaker, Lyricist, Coach, and Educator

Anashay Wright is a mother, wife, national award-winning educator, speaker, consultant, and ​​founder of Authentic Disruption and Disruptive Partners, a community-based leadership development program. As a Strategist, Speaker, Lyricist, Coach, and Educator, Anashay helps people “embrace their power to influence and impact real change.”


For ​over​ two decades, she has partnered with leaders, policymakers, families, and communities to ​create programs and learning experiences (children and adults) that ​disrupt ​institutional and ​systemic inequities​. Her commitment to disruption became publicly evident in 1997 when she designed and launched her first program at Georgia Southern University, an inaugural plan that has been in operation now for over 24 years.


Anashay transitioned into the field of education after the birth of her oldest child in 2006, and has remained a force for “good disruption”. With nearly a decade of service within the public education sector, she expanded her reach by joining national organizations such as The New Teacher Project (TNTP) and Leading Educators in senior leadership roles. She also served in advisory leadership roles with the Black Teacher Collaborative, The Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes Foundation and Relay Lab Schools (TX). In addition to her work within the public education landscape, she has also served as an Adjunct Professor, Education Advisor to elected officials, Founding Board & Advisory Member for BES schools (TX & GA) and Executive Coach and Strategist for c-suite leaders.


In 2020, things came full circle when Dekalb County Schools officially became a Disruptive Partners’ client. She is currently working with Dekalb to develop a multi-tiered, college & career readiness, learning hub at two district alternative schools. Together, they will work to disrupt the “school-to-prison-pipeline” by empowering students and families. This initiative allows Anashay to do the work she loves in her hometown alongside a community akin to family.


Anashay's work has resulted in national recognition:

  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference (founded by Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.)

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

  • NPR

  • The74million

  • Good Day Atlanta

  • and countless media outlets

Anashay brings over two decades of expertise and experience in creating diverse, empowering & inclusive learning spaces and growth experiences. Each day she lives her best life as a thriving ​Black Woman​ ​constantly seeking to use her power to do good, yet she remains aware that she lives in a world that works in direct opposition to this. This conundrum is what makes Anashay so authentic and real, she deeply understands how to connect with a wide variety of people in a way that speaks to the specific support they need to harness their power to do good and influence real change.

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To date, Anashay’s work has directly and indirectly impacted over 50,000 kids, 90 district schools and several charter, public and private schools in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and several other cities.

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