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Anashay Wright
"Authentic Disruptor"


The Educational Experience

The search for an inspirational speaker, educator & disruptive leader (for good) is over. In each experience, Anashay leads by unapologetically amplifying, advancing and activating equity into everything we say & do at DP.

We want our clients to leave the DP experience equipped to H.I.T. the right levers of change that lead to the creation of:

➔ Humanizing

➔ Inclusive

➔ Transformational (H.I.T.) classrooms, communities and schools!

Topics include:

  • Disruptive Leadership: Moving Beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Make the Shift: From Awareness to Authentic Disruptor

  • Disruptive Educators: Empowering Classrooms & Schools 


Anashay Wright, Authentic Disruptor

Authentic Disruptors, K-12 Education Partners: Using our framework for Authentic Disruption, we begin with our 4-point academic conditions evaluation & assessment. Based on findings, we partner with K-12 schools  and CMOs. Assessment results are used to create equity-driven instruction for marginalized students. 

The Real CEOs of Atlanta: The Real CEOs of Atlanta is an 8 week leadership accelerator that connects educators, students and ffamilies. Using our Authentic Disruptor Framework (c) we provide professional learning, coaching and ongoing progress monitoring of student learning.  

Education Equity Workshops & Keynotes: Anashay Wright is a nationally award-winning educator, speaker, and Diversity Equity & Inclusion consultant with over two decades of experience designing innovative programs and providing strategic advisement and guideance to education system leaders. She leads with the belief that those most proximate to the problem are best-positioned to innovate the solution.


Book Anashay Today

Anashay challenges her audience by unpacking false narratives, aligning truths, and building connections across lines of difference to make a shift in our thoughts and actions. Presentations provide audience members with a clear understanding that building and nurturing authentic relationships can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in their business toolbox.


Only in this space of genuine, respectful relationships do we learn how to build systems and programs that promote the inclusion and unity our country so

desperately needs. Click here to see Anashay in action!

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